Initial Consultation

Once an enquiry has been received, an initial site visit will be arranged to view the garden and discuss the clients brief and budget. Following this meeting a quotation for the design work will be provided.

Site survey

The garden will be accurately surveyed to locate all the existing features and levels within the site, and a survey drawing prepared which is required for the subsequent preparation of the garden design.

Design layout plan

A design layout plan will be drawn up based upon the clients brief and budget, presenting ideas and showing in detail, the design of the garden. This will be coupled with elevations or sketch views to show how the garden will finally look. The garden is discussed in detail and any necessary amendments are made prior to agreeing the final layout. A contractor will be able to cost, set out and construct the garden from these drawings.

Construction details

Construction drawings and details may be required on some projects to accompany the layout plan. These may include details of garden structures, sections showing level changes, water features, pergolas etc.

Planting plans

An accurate planting plan will be designed to include all species and varieties of plants together with their spacing and quantities. This plan can be used for costings,ordering and setting out of plants on site.

On site supervision

A project can be monitored on site once construction has commenced to ensure the garden is built to the original design, and also deal with any issues that may arise during construction.

Plant supply and planting

Once the garden is ready, plants can be sourced, set out and planted. An easy to understand maintenance schedule can be handed over to ensure that the plants receive all the correct care and attention over the years to come.

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